Franco-Prussian War
Isabella of Spain abdicates.
Bismarck becomes 1st German Chancellor.
B. F. Goodrich Co. founded.
Nordenskjöld in Greenland.
Charles Dickens dies.
Robert E. Lee dies.
Jules Verne writes 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Schliemann excavates Troy.
Wagner m. Cosima Von Bülow.
Rockefeller founds Standard Oil.

Peace at Frankfort: Alscace-Lorraine ceded to Germany.
Parliament legalizes unions.
Brit. Columbia joins Canada.
E. Rutherford born, physicist.
Marcel Proust born, author.
Rasputin born, Russian monk.
Stephen Crane born, novelist.
Georges Rouault born, painter.
“Adams New York Gum.”
Pneumatic rock drill invented.
Stanley meets Livingston.
Leprosy bacillus discovered.
Whistler paints The Artist’s Mother.
George Eliot writes Middlemarch.
Darwin writes The Descent of Man.
Jehovah’s Witnesses founded.
P. T. Barnum opens “Greatest Show on Earth,” Brooklyn.
Great Fire in Chicago.
Launch of S. S. Oceanic.

Spain: Civil War.
England: Ballot Act.
Jesuits expelled from Germany.
Grant reelected President.
U. S. General Amnesty Act: pardons Confederates.
Bertrand Russell born, philosoph.
Calvin Coolidge born.
Sergei Diaghilev born.
1st resection of esophagus.
Brooklyn Bridge opened.
George Westinghouse perfects automatic railroad air brake.
Aubrey Beardsley born, artist.
Piet Mondrian born, artist.
Verne writes Around World: 80 Days.

Republic proclaimed in Spain.
May: Vienna financial panic.
September: New York financial panic.
Germans evacuate France.
Zanzibar abolishes slave trade.
1st color photography.
E. Remington & Sons, gunsmiths, produce typewriters.
Ford Madox Ford born, author.
Tolstoy writes Anna Karenina.
Enrico Caruso born, tenor.
Sergei Rachmaninoff born.
Buda and Pest united as Capital.
The mark is the new German currency.

Britain annexes Fiji Islands.
England: Disraeli becomes Prime Minister
Herbert Hoover born.
Chaim Weizmann born.
Winston Churchill born.
Carl Bosch born, chemist.
Guglielmo Marconi born
Robert Frost born, poet.
Gustav Holst born, composer.
Arnold Schönberg born, comp.
W. Somerset Maugham born.
Gertrude Stein born, poet.
1st Impressionist exhibition.
Thomas Hardy writes Far from the Madding Crowd.
A. T. Still founds osteopathy.
Pressure cooking invented.
1st ice cream soda, Philadelphia.
1st American zoo, Philadelphia.
Tennis introduced to America.

Britain buys Suez Canal shares.
Rebellion in Cuba.
London Medical School for Women.
Albert Schweitzer born.
Carl Jung born, philosopher.
Thomas Mann born, novelist.
Rainer Maria Rilke born, poet.
Maurice Ravel born, composer.
Jean François Millet dies.
Camille Corot dies, painter.
Georges Bizet dies, composer.
Hans Christian Anderson dies.
Helena Blavatsky founds Theosophical Society in N.Y.
Mary Baker Eddy writes Science and Health.
1st Gilbert & Sullivan operetta.
1st roller-skating rink: London.
1st swim across English Channel.

Korea becomes indep. nation.
Turks massacre Bulgarians.
Serbia and Montenegro declare war on Turkey.
Colorado gains statehood.
Johns Hopkins U. opens.
Koch discovers anthrax bacillus.
Schliemann excavates Mycenae.
Jack London born, novelist.
Pablo Casals born, cellist.
Bruno Walter born, conductor.
George Sand dies, writer.
Eugenio Pacelli born, (becomes Pope Pius XII, dies in 1958).
1st full performance of Ring des Nibelungen (Wagner).
1st U. S. tennis tournament.
Bell patents telephone.
Carpet sweeper invented.
Degas paints The Glass of Absinthe.
Mark Twain writes Tom Sawyer.
Brahms composes Symphony No. 1.

Russia declares war on Turkey.
Rutherford Hayes inaugurated.
Queen Victoria becomes Empress of India.
Edison invents phonograph.
Dr. A. E. Fick invents contact lenses.
Canals on Mars observed.
Hermann Hesse born, author.
Raoul Dufy born, painter.
Gustave Courbet dies.
Rochet founds Blue Cross.
1st public telephones in U. S.

Turkey & Russia sign Armistice.
Greece declares war on Turkey.
D. Hughes invents microphone.
Mannlicher invents repeater rifle.
1st U. S. bicycles made.
Carl Sandburg born, poet.
Upton Sinclair born, author.
Pope Pius IX dies;
Pope Leo XIII succeeds.
Monte Carlo Casino built.
Gilbert & Sullivan write H.M.S. Pinafore.
Grove’s Dictionary of Music.
Karl Benz: motorized tricycle.
London: electric street lights.
W. A. Burpee: Burpee seeds.
Fur farming in Canada.

British/Zulu War.
Brits occupy Khyber Pass.
France Panama Canal Co. founded.
Joseph Stalin born.
Leon Trotsky born.
Albert Einstein born.
Discovery of saccharin.
London’s 1st public telephones.
E. M. Forster born, novelist.
Ibsen writes A Doll’s House.
Henry James writes Daisy Miller.
Anti-jesuit laws in France.
Mary Baker Eddy: Pastor of Church of Christ, Scientist.
Edison invents light bulb.
Paul Klee born, painter.
Honoré Daumier dies.
Paul Cézanne paints Self Portrait.
Australian frozen meat on sale in London.