France annexes Tahiti.
Transvaal becomes independent.
China at war with Peru & Bolivia.
Malarial parasite discovered.
Dostoevsky writes Brothers Karamazov.
J. C. Harris writes Uncle Remus.
Lew Wallace writes Ben Hur.
Rodin creates The Thinker sculpture.
Helen Keller born.
Oswald Spengler born.
Gilbert & Sullivan write Pirates of Penzance.
Lytton Strachey born, author.
Douglas MacArthur born.
Gustave Flaubert dies.
George Eliot dies.
Ready-mixed paints invented.
Joseph Lawrence creates Listerine.
“Bingo” introduced.
Carnegie develops steel furnace.
New York: electric street lights.
Canned fruits and meats.
England introduces parcel post.
Norway introduces ski mountaineering.

Treaty of Pretoria.
James Garfield inaugurated and then assassinated.; Chester Arthur succeeds presidency.
Freedom of press in France.
Britain abolishes flogging.
1st U. S. Tennis Championship.
Pasteur and Koch prove germ theory of disease.
1st cabaret in Paris (Chat Noir).
James: Portrait of a Lady.
Pablo Picasso born, artist.
Béla Bartók born, composer.
Alexander Fleming born, phys.
P. G. Wodehouse born, author.
Modest Moussorgsky dies.
Dostoevsky dies.
Disraeli dies.

U. S. bans Chinese immigrants.
Alliance between Italy/Austria/Germany.
Hague Convention: 3-mile limit.
Brits occupy Cairo.
1st uses of hypnosis for hysteria.
Edison builds 1st hydroelectric plant.
Electric iron invented.
Robert Louis Stevenson writes Treasure Island.
Tchaikovsky composes 1812 Overture.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt born.
Virginia Woolf born, novelist.
Henry W. Longfellow born.
Samuel Goldwyn born.
Igor Stravinsky born.
Georges Braque born, artist.
James Joyce born, author.
Anthony Trollope dies.
Charles Darwin dies.
Ralph Waldo Emerson dies.
Berlin Philharmonic founded.
American Baseball Assoc. founded.
Bank of Japan founded.
J. L. Sullivan becomes boxing champion.

France controls Tunis.
Britain leaves Sudan.
Benito Mussolini born.
Franz Kafka born, novelist.
John Maynard Keynes born.
Richard Wagner dies.
Karl Marx dies.
Anthrax innoculation.
Brown paper bag invented.
Synthetic fiber invented.
1st skyscraper: Chicago.
Northern Pacific RR completed.
1st Orient Express run.
Bill Cody creates Wild West Show.
Georges Seurat paints Bathers.
Eduoard Manet dies.
New York Met. Opera Opens.
Brooklyn Bridge opens.
Friedrich Nietzsche writes Thus Spake Zarathustra.

Germans take SW Africa.
Harry S. Truman born.
Tetanus bacillus discovered.
1st Oxford English Dictionary.
Amedeo Modigliani born, artist.
Gold discovered in Transvaal.

Congo becomes Belgian.
Germany annexes Tanganyika and Zanzibar.
Grover Cleveland inaugurated.
Pasteur creates rabies vaccine.
Sir Francis Galton develops system of fingerprinting.
Eastman: coated photo paper.
1st internal combustion engine.
Good House Keeping founded.
Van Gogh paints The Potato Eaters.
Niels Bohr born, physicist.
Ezra Pound born, poet.
Sinclair Lewis born, author.
D. H. Lawrence born, author.
Anna Pavlova born, dancer.
Twain writes Huckleberry Finn.
Gilbert & Sullivan write The Mikado.
Golf introduced to America.
Ulysses S. Grant dies.
Victor Hugo dies.

Home Rule bill in Ireland.
France banishes Bonaparte and Orléans families.
1st Indian National Congress.
Surgery: steam to sterilize instr.
Pasteur Institute founded: Paris.
Niagara Falls: hydroelectric.
Dishwasher invented.
“Avon Calling” founded.
1st tuxedo created.
Cosmopolitan founded.
Rodin: The Kiss 1886-98.
Stevenson: Dr.Jeckyll/Mr. Hyde.
Seurat: Sunday Afternoon in the Park
Statue of Liberty dedicated.
Charles Mustel invents celesta.
Ty Cobb born, baseball player.
Emily Dickinson dies.
Franz Liszt dies.
AF of L founded.

Queen Victoria: Golden Jubilee.
France: Union Indo-Chinoise.
Marcel Duchamp born, artist.
Chiang Kai-shek born.
Berliner improves phonograph.
Goodwin invents celluloid film.
A. C. Doyle: 1st Holmes story.
Marc Chagall born, painter.
Le Corbusier born, architect.
Aleksandr Borodin dies.
Stainer: The Crucifixion.
Bruckner: Te Deum.
Zamenhof devises Esperanto.

Cecil Rhodes: goldmining rights.
Suez Canal convention.
Nikola Tesla invents electric motor.
Eastman invents Kodak box camera.
J. P. Dunlap invents pneumatic tire.
Antiperspirants invented.
National Geographic founded.
T. S. Eliot born, author.
Eugene O’Neill born, author.
T. E. Lawrence born, author.
Maurice Chevalier born, star.
Irving Berlin born, composer.
Jim Thorpe born, athlete.
Oscar Wilde: The Happy Prince.
Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 5.
Mahler director of Budapest Opera.
London: Jack the Ripper.
1st beauty contest: Belgium.

N. Dakota, S. Dakota, Montana, Washington gain statehood.
Benjamin Harrison inaugurated.
Brazil proclaimed a republic.
France Panama Canal Co. bankrupt.
E. P. Hubble born, astronomer.
Charles Chaplin born, actor.
Jean Cocteau born, author.
George S. Kaufman born.
Adolf Hitler born, Nazi dictator.
Robert Browning dies.
Jefferson Davis dies.
Proof: pancreas secretes insulin.
Van Gogh: Self-Portrait.
Twain: Connecticut Yankee.
Eiffel designs Eiffel Tower.
Barnum and Bailey in London.
Hollerith: Punch card system.
1st May Day celebration: Paris.
C. Rutt: Aunt Jemima Pancakes.