A R T   I N D E X  (2001 to the present)

1000 Journals
One of the most significant and innovative sociological experiments in recent history is the 1000 Journals Project in which one-thousand blank journals were sent around the globe for people to add their illustrations, ruminations, rants, doodles, and then send on to others to do the same.
ALS Therapy Development
22 renowned artists and photographers donated their work to raise money for ALS Therapy Development. This eBay aution, sponsored by TheScreamOnline, ran in October 2003.
Balcomb, Mary N.
Her long-awaited book on Russian artist Sergei Bongart is finally out. See his equisite paintings and read selections from the book.
Balcomb, Mary N.
Balcomb’s impressive career has included oil and watercolor painting, house and business design, commercial art, sculpture, education, and etching—the latter of which is the subject of this feature.
Balcomb, Sam
Illustrations by the multifaceted film director. His having drawn since before he could walk, you will understand why his talents are much in demand, from website and graphic design to conceptual art and storyboards. His first feature film, Ancanar, is in post-production.
Bergman, Ciel
This Santa Fe artist offers her latest series of paintings, “Blood, Milk & Water,” in addition to some of her earlier works.
Bongart, Sergei
The great Master’s “Notes on Painting.” Also, see his work in Mary Balcomb's book listed above.
Brown, Kenn
TheScreamOnline was so jazzed by the digital art of this Vancouver artist that we invited him to design his own feature. Strap on your seat belts and launch into “Better Living Through Cool Art.”
Brown, Kenn
Thirteen new images by TheScreamOnline alumnus Brown, including his amazing 8.5-foot DNA illustration.
Caland, Huguette
Lebanese-expatriot Caland has created a home in Venice, California, that is a sanctuary to her art. Photographer Joanne Warfield visits this most unique artist.
Carmean, Harry
The paintings of Harry Carmean have elements of El Greco, Degas, and Poussin — yet his mastery of the human form is in a style altogether his own. The aesthetics behind his work bespeak poetry, irresistible love, and an irrepressible joie de vivre.
Christenen, Cheri
Award-winning Santa Fe artist Christensen studied with Ron Lukas, a protégé of Sergei Bongart, and the strength of her paintings lies in her wonderful use of color, light, and texture.
Doret, Michael
How the design of a font inspired by Canter's Deli in LA led to Canter's Deli hiring Michael Doret to design the logo for their new food truck.
Eliasen, Dean
Not many people can claim true individuallity. Ideas and styles are often rehashed versions of a few original concepts. Though no stranger to trends, Washington State artist Eliasen follows only his own muse and has developed an artistic signature all his own.
Faheem, Ahmed
Impressive painting installation “The Dream” in Cairo, Egypt.
Fillmore Posters
The 1960s music of the Jefferson Airplane, Moby Grape, and the Grateful Dead (to name a few) introduced a new attitude in Art, exemplified in the iconic Fillmore Posters which advertised Bill Graham’s world-renowned Rock venue.
Girvin, Tim
Since the mid-1990s this Seattle-based designer has been keeping journals of his thoughts, sketches, poetry, and observations. We feature two journals which beautifully exemplify the multi-talents of this philosopher, artist, designer, and calligrapher.
Griggs, Dan
The styles and traditions set forth by such Masters as Velasquez, Titian, and Mantegna are embodied in the exquisite paintings of this New Mexico artist.
Griggs, Dan
Thirteen more exquisite and sensual paintings.
Huang, Shanye
“Chinese folk art is a world of mystery and aesthetics. It originates from ancient primitive art forms which symbolize the mysterious and haunting power of the supernatural.” Shanye’s paintings retell the legends, themes, and customs of his people in this most colorful feature.
Kang-Engles, Suk Ja
Since moving from South Korea to the U.S. in 1988, Suk Ja has created an impressive and much-acclaimed body of work. We feature her Eye-con and Interpellation series.
Kley, Heinrich
His bitingly satirical pen-and-ink drawings display not only a sense of humor, but an astonishing degree of draftsmenship.
Kaplan, Danny
Massive 75-painting version of the Periodic Table, entitled “Better Chemistry Through Living.”
Lajer, Sandy
Ms. Lajer is an artist whose images LA Times writer Anne Marie O'Connell says are "like landscapes of her mind."
Larsen, Robin
Metaphysical painter Larsen enchants us with the mysteries of the ages as she weaves mythology and the making of gold into her wondrous series, Alchemical Angels. With accompanying poetry by husband Stephen Larsen.
Lytle, Jeanie and Larry
Their 2003 Calendar, with planetary correspondences for each month.
Martell, Maxine
This Washington State artist’s large and imaginative paintings hang in collections, galleries, public places, and private homes. We present 21 pieces from her “Cabinets of Curiosity” series.
Martell, Maxine
“In Training,” a more inward, contemplative series of charcoal drawings of young girls.
Martell, Maxine
Torn photographs were the inspiration for Martell's new series, "Torn Paintings"; also "Elle," an early experimental animated film project of her work with color Xerox, a new technology at the time.
Munch, Edvard
Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Munch’s painting “The Scream” was stolen from the Munch Museum in Olso, Norway (we didn’t do it).
Nason, Norm
In his essay, “Vincent van Gogh and Aesthetic Guilt,” he states that “...today’s global society possesses the longest, most accessible, most permanent memory in the history of mankind. This sets the stage for a deeper appreciation of the past than was ever possible before.”
Nason, Norm
“The best artists are keen observers of nature. But more than this, they are superb communicators.” Nason offers one of the most valuable lessons “On Drawing” we’ve ever seen.
N. Hawkins, M.E.
Also known as Technical Illustration, the Lost Art of Mechanical Drawing is revisited in this collection of images taken from the 1902 edition of Hawkin’s Self Help Mechanical Drawing for Home Study. Whilst CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator have largely replaced pencil, pen, and paper, neither can create the charm and warmth of the drawings of yore.
Prigmore, Estelle Bedard
At the time of this feature, Estelle (1913-2004) was an 87-year-old woman of Okanogan descent. At age 70 she went to the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and spent three years studying, among other things, sculpture in clay. Her busts of American Indians are revealed here for the first time.
Reese, William F.
The award-winning oils of prolific painter Reese are bold, colorful, tempestuous, and alive. He doesn’t counteract, he celebrates the work of nature.
Repin, Ilya
Russian painter Ilya Repin painted a scene depicting Ukrainian Cossacks writing a response to a letter from the Turkish sultan demanding their surrender. We provide a couple of translations — one, quite entertaining and filthy.
is a project wherein forty-seven cultural producers consider the possibilities of a mobile, reactive museum. This exhibition-as-publication was organized by first-year students in the master’s degree program at the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College, New York.
Sahli, Don
This former student and protegé of Sergei Bongart is a successful Colorado artist whose wintry plein-air paintings embody the rich legacy of his mentor, and those who came before, such as Peter Kotov, Nicholai Fechin, and Ilya Repin.
Scolari, Debra
California artist Scolari works in Ojai, the “Shangri La” of the 1937 film Lost Horizon. We present 15 of her new works from a series titled “Nature’s Veil.”
Sorren, Joe
Explore his wild and quirky imagination in this gallery of sixteen paintings.
Tavonatti, Mia
Sensuous paintings and mosaics by the second-place winner at the prestigious Grand Rapids Art Prize Awards.

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