F I L M  I N D E X  (2001 to the present)

In 19 Peel Street, award-winning animator/technical director Stephan Kozak intertwines reality and fantasy in this most unique 3-minute Quicktime trip through the imagination.
Brian Taylor has created perhaps one of the most unusual and endearing animated characters since Steamboat Willie. See stills and scenes from his work-in-progress, Rustboy.
When Director Sam Balcomb (June 2001 artist) posted the much-anticipated trailer for his film Ancanar on his website, he had half-a-million hits in two hours, which closed down the server. It was then hosted on ifilm.com and became the #2 most-downloaded short on the site. See it here.
What Dreams May Come and Somewhere in Time producer Stephen Simon is the leader of a new movement called “Spiritual Cinema,” with films that illumine and inspire individual and social transformation. In this context, spiritual refers not to religion but to the unseen divine essence that is life force itself. Simon’s new film Indigo was shot in 20 days for $500,000 and won the Audience Choice Award at the 4th Annual Santa Fe Film Festival.
This Johnny Walker commercial is too good not to share — it’s one of the most intriguing and imaginative items we’ve seen in a long time. From the people at Framestore CFC, whose portfolio includes work on such films as Cold Mountain, Love Actually, and Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets.
The controversy of Mel Gibson’s The Passion has stirrred up an array of feelings and opinions from Juneau to Jerusalem. Here are two viewpoints from Stephen Simon (producer of Somewhere in Time and What Dreams May Come) and TheScreamOnline writer Danusha Goska.
Gabriel Yared spent a year composing and recording the score for Troy, using a full orchestra and choir, only to have it replaced six weeks before the film opened.
What Dreams May Come and Somewhere in Time producer Stephen Simon is the leader of a wildly-popular new movement called Spiritual Cinema Circle, which promotes uplifting films with positive messages, delving into such topics as life after life, enhanced powers and sensibilities, reality and time, visionary romance and adventures, and the power of love.
Filmmakers Sam Balcomb and Jesse Soff teamed up to create The Ore, a million-dollar-looking Sci-Fi film shot for only a few thousand clams.
Kumbh Mela is a phenomenon that happens every 12 years in India on the Ganges River. Filmmakers Maurizio Benazzo and Nick Day captured the 2001 event in Short Cut to Nirvana.
Danusha Goska reviews the PBS production Jane Eyre, with illustrations by Fritz Eichenberg.
Cover Girl Culture: Former Elite International model Nicole Clark directed this most revealing documentary on how young teens are pressured by false ideas of what beauty really is.
Tao Ruspoli's raucus awarding-winning film FIX races from a suburban police station in Calabasas, California, through mansions in Beverly Hills, to East LA chopshops, rural wastelands, and housing projects in Watts. See the trailer here.
Mythic Journeys: A World Myth documentary/stop-motion animation film featuring Deepak Chopra, Michael Meade, Steven Aisenstat, with voices by Mark Hamill, Lance Henrickson, and Tim Curry.
Legendary graphic designer Tim Girvin writes about movie titling design: the craft of the hand.  Exploring brand in the context of experience design and impression: movie picture brand strategy.
Commissioned and overseen by Joseph Goebbels, "Jud Süss" has been called the "most hateful" film ever made. This feature has generated a great deal of comments, and the controversy continues.
Deeper is Mikki Willis' powerful entry for Spieberg's FOX series "On The Lot."
Danusha Goska discusses the "brute polack" in Streetcar Named Desire, The Apartment, The Deer Hunter, and The Fugitive, from her new book Bieganski: The Brute Polak Stereotype in Polish-Jewish Relations and American Popular Culture.
The producer of "Somewhere in Time" and "What Dreams May Come" and Spiritual Cinema Circle founder shares his Top 2010 faves.

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