P H O T O G R A P H Y  I N D E X  (2001 to the present)

A Day in the Life of Africa
features the work of almost one-hundred photographers who were spread out all over the continent to shoot what they could in 24 hours. TheScreamOnline photographer John Isaac (January and April 2002) has seven images in this landmark book.
Alt, Patrick
Patrick not only shoots in large formats using the classic platinum/palladium method, he builds his own cameras. We feature his nudes, Native Americans, and landscapes.
Auerbach, Gary
In this world of disposable everything, longevity is an anachronism. In the worlds of photography and art, longevity is paramount and great efforts are made to use archival inks, papers, emulsions, and mat boards to create works that will endure the destruction of time. Arizona photographer Gary Auerbach uses the longer-lasting platinum in place of silver in his emulsions, and his large-format works are the subject of this feature.
Balcomb, Robert
Mortensen protégé Robert Balcomb perfected the Mortensen technique and incorporated it into his own, developing a masterful style that is unsurpassed in portrait photography. Balcomb continues his practice in the Seattle area where he has photographed clients from all parts of the United States, as well as Thailand, Sweden, England, and Mallorca.
Balcomb, Robert
WORLD PREMIER: In 1960, Jayne Mansfield sat for portrait photographer Robert Balcomb in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and the result was perhaps the finest portrait ever taken of her. See the portrait and read all about it in “A Day With Jayne.”
Balcomb, Robert
The former Mortensen student Robert Balcomb offers three exquisite pieces from his “After” series and seven still lifes. By the way, he also has a blog on photography. Stop on by and say hello.
Bristol, Horace
In 1937 Horace Bristol began shooting images of California’s Central Valley which led to his collaboration with John Steinbeck. See the photographs that were the impetus for The Grapes of Wrath.
Burkholder, Dan
Platinum/paladium and Silver Gelatin master printer Burkholder was among the first photographers to embrace the digital world. He became an innovator with his book on the digital negative and recently with the merging of the classic and digital darkroom methods.
Burkholder, Jill
Her poetic bromoil images take on a quality of mystery akin to the recollection of a dream and provide a wonderful sublime journey into another land.
Burning Man
An experience beyond words, beyond description. Fourteen photographers who attended the event in years past contributed to this compelling photo essay. [Some nudity]
Burtynsky, Edward
In February 2005, Canadian photo-artist Edward Burtynsky accepted the inaugural TED Prize — three wishes to change the world. He was granted $100,000 and the opportunity to team with several major companies pledging to help the recipients fulfill the wishes.
Carter, Rich
Another interesting item is this Quicktime movie of New York underwater, courtesy of Rich Carter.
Davis, Robin
Atlanta-based Robin Davis teaches at the prestigious Cortona Center of Photography in Tuscany, Italy. See her “13 Women” series, featuring her portrayal of such figures as Cleopatra, Athena, Ophelia, and Luna.
Earl, James W.
"Window Seat: the art of the circle field" In this wonderful photo essay, Earl brings to light some of the mysteries of what many of us see from the air, those myriad patterns on the ground.
Geerdes, Clay
Clay Geerdes was a writer ( L.A. Free Press, Berkeley Barb, Village Voice) and a prolific photographer of San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury days. We present two galleries of his images of war protests, free Rock concerts, Happenings, and Be-Ins.
Gerlach, Luther
A true plein air photographer, Gerlach shoots with vintage lenses and large-format cameras to create glass-plate negatives with the wet-collodion process... on location.
Glass Plate Negatives
Before film, as we know it, photographic negatives consisted of a light-sensitive emulsion on glass. See ten images, circa 1917, from Glass Plate Negatives discovered in an old farm house in North Washington State.
Hamilton, Alex
The Scottish photographer was an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society and his work was widely exhibited in the UK and abroad during the 1940’s and 1950’s, as well as appearing in published collections, including the American Annual of Photography.
Huang, Shanye
TheScreamOnline artist Shanye Huang returns as a photographer with a compelling photo essay on the Miao/Hmong people of Southern China. Elements of their culture inspired many of his vibrant and colorful paintings, which appeared in the October 2001 issue.
Jackson, Bruce
Photographs from the Arkansas State Prison, circa 1915-1937, found and printed by Jackson.
Isaac, John
This former chief photographer of the United Nation’s photography unit has seen it all. His award-winning work documenting the tragedies of human conflict has been seen by millions the world over. He now chooses to “shoot” that which celebrates the best of what this planet has to offer: the natural beauty of life, people, and places.
Isaac, John
The January 2002 issue featured the beautiful work of former chief photographer for the U.N., John Isaac, concentrating on his images of people and places. We now focus on his photographs of wildlife.
Isaac, John
Former U.N. photographer John Isaac contributes another fine series of work, this time depicting his trip to the American Southwest.
Isaac, John
John has made six trips to Kashmir for a new book. He offers TheScreamOnline a sneak preview of his stunning work. This feature of John’s Kashmir photos is linked in the Salman Rushdie interview at Fareed Zakaria's Foreign Exchange.
Johansson, Anne
Ann travels the globe shooting for clients such as the Smithsonian, Klimahaus Museum, Time Magazine, and Le Monde, as well as taking distinctive portraits of the world's movers and shakers.
Kernan, Sean
Sean’s commercial client list is a “who’s who” of the corporate world, yet he has found the time to develop an artistic style all his own. View images from his Among Trees series.
Kernan, Sean
Sean Kernan visited Cairo, Egypt, in early 2004 and Crossing Boundaries with Art recounts his thoughts on being an American visiting an Arab land. Included are four new portraits from his ongoing Pure Face project. His website has also just been redesigned. Be sure to visit.
Kernan, Sean
The multi-dimensional photographer brings forth images that allow us to see into greater depths of the human spirit.
Knight, Robert
Photos by legendary rock-star photographer Robert M. Knight. Also, his film "Rock Prophecies," which is in festivals around the world.
Lennon and Baez
See a recently-discovered photograph taken in 1965 of Joan Baez, John Lennon, and Ira Sandperl at the Beatles’ pad in the Hollywood Hills.
Leva, Ronny
The Italian photographer has visited Cuba three times, during which he became friends with the infamous Korda who shot the renowned image of Che Guevara.
Lytle, Larry (on William Mortensen - Command to Look Pt. 1)
Part 1 provides biographical background and a discussion on how the purists (Ansel Adams and the Group f/64) turned a cold shoulder on a man who was very much ahead of his time.
Lytle, Larry (on William Mortensen - Command to Look Pt. 2)
Part 2 continues with an analysis of the Work itself. "As is apparent in Part One of this essay, we have seen a basic lack of affinity by others towards Mortensen's work. Whether it's due to the content, manipulation, or subject matter, even those who champion him have difficulties in justifying the importance of his oeuvre. The disjunction seems to happen between the content/subject matter of his images and how he fits into photography's history."
Lytle, Larry (on William Mortensen - Command to Look Pt. 3)
"As I began my research for the intended subject of this essay—Mortensen’s writings—I realized that a potential elephant lurked in the closet when discussing this issue. The elephant of course being George Dunham. I began to think less about the text and more about who wrote it. The essay that will follow this (in the next issue of TheScreamOnline) will be an analysis of what Mortensen/Dunham left photography, but I felt compelled, for now, to address the issue of who wrote the words before I could address what the words said.
Lytle, Larry
Aside from being a very busy commercial photographer, Larry Lytle is as innovative and varied as are the many series in his ouvre. This issue features his “Shroud Series,” the third part of a larger work called Portrait of My Friends (contains nudity).
Magidson, Mark
The photographer co-produced the acclaimed IMAX film Chronos, and then produced, co-wrote, and co-edited the award-winning and highly acclaimed film Baraka. Featured are images from the book, Baraka, a Visual journal.
Mares, Gil
His large photographs of ships' hulls, mounted on aluminum, have an amazing "painterly" quality.
Monroe, Marilyn
Three never-before-published photos of Marilyn Monroe debut HERE. They were taken on the set of “Let’s Make Love” and include Ives Montand and Gene Kelly.
Mortensen, William
The first issue features the renowned photographer, William Mortensen, who practiced his craft in the first half of the last century. His work is highly sought-after and his two out-of-print collections, Monsters and Madonnas and The Command to Look, sell for hundreds of dollars. Mortensen scholar Larry Lytle provides an illuminating article on the Master. A second article focuses on WM's pigment process, providing, for the first time ever, an inside look at the Master's own notes and test prints.
Mortensen, William
More stunning Mortensen portraits from the collection of protégé Robert Balcomb, whose own work was featured in the June issue.
Mt. Wilson Observatory
This TowerCam the outside of Los Angeles, California, takes a photograph every four minutes of every day and uploads the image to the website for anyone to see. Thirteen stunning moments are captured in this remarkable photo essay.
Naik, Raj
Multi-talented photographer Raj Naik is also a graphic artist, web designer, motion graphics artist, and composer. We invited him to design his own feature for his series “India: The Divine Visions.”
Nason, Norm
A multi-talented artist/teacher/graphic designer whose work can be found in print ads, books, and private collections. He also has a good eye with a camera lens.
Nye, Carol
This Caravanserai series documents her journeys along the ancient Silk Road trade route of Western China and in the mountains of Tibet on her way to Nepal.
photo la 2003
For the second year, TheScreamOnline covered the most prestigious photo l.a.—the immensely popular West Coast event for fine photography, featuring the collections of galleries and private dealers from around the world and produced by the Stephen Cohen Gallery.
photo la 2004
This is the third year of our coverage of the prestigious photo l.a.—the popular West Coast event for fine photography, featuring the collections of galleries and private dealers from around the world and produced by the Stephen Cohen Gallery. The January 15 Gala Opening was hosted by Viggo Mortensen.
photo la 2005
This is year #4 of our coverage of the prestigious photo l.a.—the popular West Coast event for fine photography, featuring the collections of galleries and private dealers from around the world and produced by the Stephen Cohen Gallery.
photo la 2007
The popular West Coast event for fine photography, featuring the collections of galleries and private dealers from around the world and produced by the Stephen Cohen Gallery. This year the opening night reception was hosted by Graham Nash.
Photo Rescue
This amazing new product saved an erased memory flash card of ours, restoring all the images that we thought were gone forever.
Sammon, Rick
Rick travels the world conducting photo tours to exotic lands, he writes a weekly online column for the Associated Press, and he has authored over 20 books on photography. We present his many-faceted portraits of humanity.
Sharon, Reva
Widely exhibited in Israel, England, and the U.S., Jerusalem-based Reva Sharon presents twenty images from her “Into the Land of Seeing” series.
Stewart, Al
Veteran trumpeter Al Stewart has played in the Big Bands of Louis Prima, Ray McKinley, Benny Goodman, Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Barnet, Billy May, Herbie Fields, Lucky Millinder, Freddie Martin, Elliot Lawrence, and others; has played or recorded with such greats as Sammy Davis, Jr., Tony Bennett, Della Reese, Lena Horne, Harry Bellafonte; and has played a great number of Broadway shows. Second only to his horn is his camera, with which he has recorded his career in music in a compelling collection called “View from the Bandstand.”
A tsunami caused by a 9.0 earthquake off the coast of Indonesia killed thousands of people. View some dramatic photos and gain information on how to help.
Unal, Sunny
See a QTVR (QuickTime Virtual Reality) movie showing a pre-9/11, 360° view of New York City from atop the Empire State Building, courtesy of Sunny S. Unal Photography. Especially poignant is the view of the World Trade Center in the distance.
Vail, Stuart
Gary Goss plays perhaps the most difficult musical instrument of all time, a 1897 vintage set of Deagan Chimes. Stuart Vail presents the sights and sounds in a photo essay from the Santa Monica Pier.
Venice Arts Mecca
Picturing Race is a photographic journey from Los Angeles to South Africa—and back again—as captured through the eyes of young people, ages 8 to 16, enrolled in Venice Arts’ Social Arts Initiatives program of Venice, California.
Warfield, Joanne
TheScreamOnline is very proud to present a new photographer/artist, Joanne Warfield, who—in a very short amount of time—has accumulated awards and honors for her innovative work. Having been a private gallery owner for 30 years, she herself is now the driving creative force behind a very impressive and unique body of work, and we’re sure you will agree.
Warfield, Joanne
Joanne Warfield (August 2001 issue) has released a stunning photo journal, titled “The Beauty of Afghanistan Remembered.” These compelling images were taken in 1977 and have become an important historical record of a vibrant culture that existed before the devastation of decades of war.
Warfield, Joanne
Our photo editor went to the Santa Monica Pier on Memorial Day 2004 and photographed the tribute to the American soldiers killed in Iraq.
Warfield, Joanne
RED HOT & BLUE: Photography Impressions of Cheryl Bentyne's performance at Vitello's, North Hollywood, October 2010.
White, Gregory
Seattle photographer and world traveler Gregory White captures some magical images of Burma.
Women In Photography International
The organization just celebrated their 20th year by hosting an exhibition at the House of Photographic Art in San Juan Capistrano, California. 75 works by 63 women make up a most impressive show that will travel the world for two years. See the six prize winners here
22 renowned artists and photographers
donated their work to raise money for ALS Therapy Development. The auction was hosted by eBay.

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