S T R A N G E  &  B I Z A R R E  I N D E X  (2001 to the present)

Monumental Cemetery of the Capuchin Brothers, a chapel constructed with the bones of 3000 Capuchin monks.
Naked News - the first full Online news program in the buff.
Imagine that, instead of being sentenced to 25 years of hard labor in a Siberian prison, you could choose to live and work for five years in a secret underground city, complete with stores stocked with the best food, drink, clothing, and jewelry one could buy. Did we mention that you would also have to process plutonium and may not live beyond the five years? Read the true story about Russia’s Chelyabinsk-40. Boodte zdorovy!
A bird that has a date with Randy Johnson's fastball. The film clip is strange enough, but a complaint from the Animal Rights people put this way beyond bizarre.
Sculptor Cosimo Cavallaro has worked in a variety of media, including steel, rubber, and candy. This time he has outdone even himself with his “House of Cheese.”
Last issue it was a house of cheese. Get ready for Hats of Meat!
Forget consulting your astrologist, analyzing the tea leaves in your cup, or throwing the I Ching. Before taking that flight from Abu Dhabi to Zagreb, be sure to visit Am I Going Down, for your chances of survival.
Two men from Detroit have turned pushing-a-wheelbarrow into either an art form or a new Olympic sport—don’t miss WheelbarrowFreeStyle.
Remember Legos, those addictive little plastic building toys? Here are Lego constructions you won’t see advertised at your toy store.
Bizarre album covers that you have to see to believe. Now, just who were the rocket scientists in those marketing departments?
The code behind any web page is strange enough to most persons, but the code behind this image is even stranger.
Extreme Ironing — not that sissy stuff your mom does. We mean ironing on mountain tops, underwater, in vast caves, and jumping from airplanes. Aaarrrr!
In the tradition of past hits such as Hats of Meat and House of Cheese, we present Jason Kronenwald’s Gum Blondes — portraits out of chewed bubblegum.
Meet... uh, Hannah, the... uh... — never mind. We’re speechless!
A long-lost recording of a short radio dialog between your esteemed editor and William Shatner, circa 1980, from KCRW Radio, Los Angeles.

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